Flower delivery online service in Paris and surroundings regions

About Grandfleur Paris

Welcome to the website of Grandfleur Paris.
What is Grandfleur Paris:

  1. It is an International Floral Company
  2. The Grandfleur Paris brand is officially registered in France
  3. The company addresses at once three areas of the floristic market:

We are not simply selling the flowers. We sell roses, carnations, orchids, tulips with the scent of summer in Paris, Provence lavender fields, the cafés of Montmartre, French chestnuts odors.

We put all our talent, our French taste and our French chic in each and every bouquet and flower boxes we make.

All our bouquets have French names: cities, regions, persons and most beautiful places in France.

We are confident that by ordering bouquets in a hatbox Grandfleur Paris, flower boxes Coeur de Fleur, or Postefleur bouquets, for yourself or your loved ones, you will receive a great satisfaction and immerse yourself into the atmosphere of romantic France.

Region of delivery of flowers in a hatbox Grandfleur Paris

We are constantly developing and increasing the area of delivery of our bouquets and flowers.

Currently we deliver flowers to:

Paris and suburbs.

Region of delivery Coeur de Fleur

Metropolitan France 

How to order on our site:

Everything is very simple!

1st step

You choose a bouquet of flowers from the catalog Grandfleur Paris or select a subscription for the delivery of the flower boxes Coeur de Fleur and add it to your basket.

2nd step

You register at our website and you specify the delivery address

3rd step

you proceed to the payment

4th step

You receive a bouquet or a bunch of compliments from your loved ones.

Dimensions of hat boxes Grandfleur Paris

small bouquet H 11cm D 11cm

medium bouquet H 16cm D 16 cm

large bouquet H 20cm D 20cm

Some bouquets in a hatbox are only available in one size:

Bouquet in a hatbox Marie Antoinette: unique size H 16cm D 16cm

Bouquet in a cone Promenade: unique size H 34cm D 20cm

You choose the size of the hatbox when ordering.

All sizes of the hat boxes are listed in the catalog for each bouquet.

We look forward to your order!